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  • Looking to give your family an experience to remember? Then put a dolphin encounter at the top of your list when you are visiting Taman Safari Indonesia – Cisarua. This program was created for everyone who willing to have a great learning experience and learn more about dolphins. Guests of all ages have the opportunity to experience our playful and charismatic dolphins in our signature programs. Before hopping in the water to meet the dolphins, take the time to get an introduction to dolphin behaviors and learn about dolphin communication. Make a friend with these fascinating and intelligent animals, take hold of its dorsal fin and hold on for the ride of a lifetime. You will be able to play and swim with them, shake their fins and an unforgettable kiss.

  • Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as you hop onto the back of an elephant for a short ride to the heart of the jungle at Taman Safari Indonesia – Cisarua. Enjoying the majestic walk of elephant while being on his back and view the jungle from different perspective. Jumbo Jungle Adventure is the best way to explore the wildlife from up close. You will have greater opportunity to peep closely into the animal life, giving you a lot of newer and unique experiences.

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